The Elite Mentorship Forum is a comprehensive six-month program designed to break through every single self-limiting belief that holds you back from achieving everything you want to achieve and from becoming everything you wish to be.

This life-changing course offers you the opportunity to create lasting transformation and unlock your fullest potential, resulting in a deeply fulfilling, balanced and self-empowered life.

Who Are Your Trainers?

Ghislaine Mahler, your Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer and Mentor, has been a Certified Professional Coach since 1997 and has contributed to the transformation of thousands of men and women in 26 countries, over 4 continents. 

Ghislaine is a creative and charismatic leader, passionate about human behavior and personal development, and she has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry.  She is also a published author and has created many personal growth courses over the years.

She brings you over 30 years of experience and has developed an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level.  Her work identifies and helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behavior to create lasting change.   

Peter Sage – Course Creator and Mentor – is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today.

He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years.  Peter is a 6-time TedEx speaker, a highly respected entrepreneur, a published author, an adventure seeker, and a very charismatic and authentic leader in the field of personal transformation. 

Committed to sharing his accrued 30 years of knowledge and experience, Peter has created the EMF – described as probably the most modern, exciting, affordable, authentic, effective, refreshing, and valuable personal transformation program ever created. 

What is the syllabus?

We Have Four Questions for You!

1. WHY?

2. WHAT?

3. HOW?


Schedule your one-on-one Discovery Call with Ghislaine

Let’s meet on the phone or on zoom, to get to know each other a bit, to assess if EMF is right for you and if you are right for EMF!  We will spend about 45 minutes together, answer all your questions, and if it is right for both you and me, we will discuss how you can enroll in one of our next peer groups. Just pick a date and time below to schedule your appointment.  You will receive a confirmation email with contact information for our meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life.

It is an all-encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you are seeking (whether you know it or not). It could be financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.

This program truly is for everyone. That may seem like a big claim. However, Peter created this course based on his 30+ years of study, experience and acquired knowledge of human behaviour and what makes us tick. We all have individual desires and needs, and these are addressed throughout the modules. Based on the extensive inside knowledge of how the self-development industry works, he consciously created the content needed to concentrate on those areas that each of us could be missing in our life. Through completing this program your personal needs will be met in every way – even if you do not yet know exactly what they are.

Yes and no. This is a life skills course that sets you up for every area in your life which includes business. Many of the tools provided come from Peter’s experience of creating, building, and selling businesses over a lifetime of entrepreneurship. His path through business-building, learning and harnessing the skills needed to succeed, are demonstrated and taught throughout this course. If you are looking to upgrade your business skills this course is definitely for you.

Like any course or program, results received are dependent on the amount of work and contribution put in. (We don’t get fit by having a gym membership – we have to show up at the gym and actively and consciously put in the time and effort.) With the correct mindset and the support not only of your Personal Trainer, but also the rest of your peer group, changes in mindset have been experienced from the first module. As each ‘phase’ is, on average, 8 weeks, the first major shift starts by the end of the first phase.

The EMF comprises 3 Phases with a total of 13 Modules over a period of 27 weeks. The modules are released every two weeks and the majority include three components:

Core Study: Module video delivered by Peter, with linked exercises from the module and in the workbook;

Bonus Material: Extra information to complement the module which is your choice to do or not;

Recommendations: Books, Movies and Extra resources relevant and supplementary to the learning.

Each Module has a linked live Community Call and another Trainerled Q&A call. These are normally alternate weeks and generally last 60 to 90 minutes.

The course is 3-4 hours per week minimum. And many EMF graduates have found that one of the benefits of the course is that it has helped them understand there is no necessity to work long hours (truly!). So set aside as much time as you can possibly dedicate, as like anything, the more time you can put in, the more you will get out of it.

One extremely powerful point about EMF is that the course has been designed to ensure the fastest results in the shortest achievable time. People want results, and as long as work is done, the results are delivered.

For the regular Q&A calls run by your course facilitator you are actively encouraged to post your questions. The more questions asked, the more learning for the whole peer group. Ask away!

You are encouraged to attend all Live calls as much as possible. It is primary in creating a cohesive peer group and safe space for all. Of course, it may not always be possible to attend, which is why all calls are recorded and made available through your portal within 48 hours of the Live call.

The program includes lifelong access to all the modules PLUS membership into the EMF AlumniHere you can connect with the larger EMF peer group – forever.

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