What Does Success Mean to YOU?

Success is a BIG word and it means something different to everyone!

That’s because we all look at our life, our relationships, our work, our ability to create what we want, through our very own “lenses.”  These lenses are like filters that dictate our relationship to ourselves, how we relate to the world around us, and they will always trump any actions or efforts we might focus on. 

If your lenses (filters from your past conditioning and your life experience) block any possibility of progress, no matter how hard you try, nothing will budge.  Do you know this?  Does this resonate with you?  Do you want to break free from that?


Success? How About Fulfillment?

Chasing success just for the sake of winning is not really enough, is it?  Most people who function that way, find themselves empty inside after the win.  Life can be so much more than just winning!

The question is: Do you want to win or do you want to feel totally fulfilled in your life, expressing your gifts and talents, contributing from a place of passion and authenticity?  Do you trust you could be totally yourself and able to take care of all your needs and wants – or is there a voice in your head telling you it is impossible?

Ready to Make Your Life Much Bigger?

You know you are meant for a bigger game in your life? Yet, year after year you keep finding yourself at the same place, you hit a glass ceiling, you procrastinate, the road ahead seems quite foggy, you just don’t know how or what to do? 

You know one thing, though: if you keep doing the same things, in the same way, day after day, nothing will change.  To change your life, you must change YOU!

This is where I come in, as your personal empowerment coach.  What I want for you is much more than you may be able to see yourself going for today – when we work together, I guide you through a powerful personal transformation process, to remove anything holding you back, we write a new script for your life, and where you were stuck before, you become able to breakthrough, at last.  Better put your seatbelt on, you are going on the ride of your life – and if you let me, I will be by your side through the entire journey!

Who Am I and Can You Trust Me?

I am Ghislaine Mahler, an international, fully certified, professional coach.  Since 1994, I have been coaching hundreds of men and women on three different continents, from sixteen different countries – top executives, managers, and entrepreneurs – to break through their limitations, and get huge results.  Below are a few testimonials: 

"I have had the distinct honor to work closely with Ghislaine as my coach. She is a creative, innovative, thoughtful, knowledgeable and energetic coaching professional. I'm consistently amazed at her personal determination to grow as an expert in her field. Ghislaine has been instrumental to the development of my executive business leadership skills. Suffice to say, I'm lucky to have her in my life. Everyone should be so lucky. Really!"

Kerri Martin
Global Marketing Executive

"Our coaching sessions enabled me to build up my self confidence and to better position my career. Ghislaine was extremely helpful and I am now able to use her advice all the time inside and outside of the office. I definitely recommend Ghislaine to anyone willing to strengthen their skills and to learn to go beyond their fears."

Fabrice Hugon – Equity Derivatives Sales and Financial Engineering

"I experienced a rich personal development journey guided by Ghislaine for several months. A personal work which impacted greatly my wellbeing at work and at home, changed my perspective and gave me serenity. This was only possible via Ghislaine’s deep knowledge and expertise and the trust that she managed to create from the beginning. I recommend highly Ghislaine as personal and leadership coach!"

Mahsa Givehchi – Senior Manager High-Tech Company

"The year I have spent with Ghislaine as a coach was so insightful, I can't imagine going back to what my life was before. Competent, sensitive, understanding of my specific needs, and last but not least, a pleasure to work with!"

Monique Giguère – Executive, Pharmaceutical Company