What Are Beliefs?

What is so important about our beliefs? 

Our beliefs are of paramount importance because they dictate our thoughts and our actions.  Changing the circumstances of our lives, increasing our revenue, getting a more fulfilling job, starting a business, getting in a new relationship, buying a new home – whatever it is we desire to improve, for most people this means taking action in our outer world.  Of course, this seems pretty obvious.

However, some people will get the results they strive for, and others won’t in spite of all their efforts.  What causes that difference?   It is our beliefs.  You see, this is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of the energy, the vibrations we emit from our inner-world to our outer-world.  I am certain you understand that if you feel uncertain about your ability to do something, this will affect your performance, and the results won’t be the same as if you are feeling confident.  Right?  Everything is a matter of energy, and when you become aware of your undermining beliefs, you become able to make some important changes – first in your inner-world and then in turn, your outer-world will transform.

How do you know when you have negative beliefs?

For most of us, it transpires in our self-talk, our inner dialogue.  What I want to talk about today, is the beliefs we have about ourselves.  It’s that voice in our head that tells us whether or not we are good enough … or not, for example!  Uncovering our beliefs starts with becoming totally aware of the conversation we have in our head, all day long.  Over the years, as I coached hundreds of men and women, it has been rare that one of my clients did not benefit from examining their beliefs – and if I may add, if they did not it is because they did not want to look inward, they just were adamant about focusing on their outer world only.  And that’s too bad, because the key is never on the outside, it is inside us, always.

Once you notice some negative self-talk, ask yourself “what belief of mine is triggering this negative self-talk?”  Don’t be surprised if you do hear the immediate response in your head … it’s all there to tap into, this precious information, the real nuggets.  It may seem unpleasant to uncover negative beliefs because we may want to keep pretending everything is “fine” with us, but wouldn’t you prefer to know the truth, so you can actually change?  One of my mentors says it clearly, life is not about being comfortable, it is about growing – earth school is where we all are.

Where do our negative beliefs come from? 

All you need to understand is that our beliefs, whether positive or negative, come from our past and present conditioning – what we were taught and what we see as possible because we see someone else do something that had never been achieved before.  For example, when one athlete beats a world record, then other athletes become able to reach that level as well, because now they believe it is possible.  However, if they have been conditioned to lack confidence, they will never achieve that level.

Becoming a mature adult is about questioning our beliefs and adopt some that are in alignment with our values and that enable us to continue growing.  Who or what instilled negative beliefs in us is not important and focusing on who or what taught us this belief is a dangerous road that might take us to blame that person or that circumstance. When we blame, we don’t take responsibility – what is important is what you are going to do about the beliefs you don’t want to keep.

How do we change our beliefs?

Once we are aware of a belief we don’t like, we must decide .. yes it is a decision … what belief would be more aligned to our values and make a list of all the reasons this new belief is actually true – look at all the wonderful things you have done, all the qualities you have, how special you are.  When we are born, we are perfect!  What changes is not that we become imperfect, it is that we believe we are imperfect!  Your mind will fight you for a while because the negative beliefs form thinking habits in us, and it takes persistence to change a thought pattern – but you can do it!

You know how we say “don’t take no for an answer,” right?  Well I say “don’t take negative beliefs as the truth of who you are!”

Just do it!  Change your beliefs – change your life!

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